Stroller canopy hack/upgrade! Posted on 18 Sep 10:50

Looking to switch out your canopy for a new color?  Or maybe you just want a little more sun coverage for your babe?  This canopy hack has been going around for a few years in the stroller world, so I cannot take credit for discovering it, but I can definitely guide you with directions on how to add it to your ride!  The canopy will fit on quite a few popular strollers (your stroller must have a removable canopy) and though this is not an exhaustive list, it is all the makes/models that I know it has been tested to work with:

  • Baby Jogger City Select 
  • Baby Jogger City Select LUX 
  • Baby Jogger City Premier 
  • Baby Jogger City Versa
  • Britax B Ready
  • Cybex Balios S/Balios M
  • Cybex Mios
  • Cybex Priam
  • Joovy Qool
  • Uppababy Vista 

So let's get into it!  The items you need to purchase are:

  1. Bugaboo Donkey canopy wires 
  2. Bugaboo Donkey canopy clamps 
  3. Bugaboo Donkey canopy.  There are several different styles and colors, and you can even custom dye your own- we'll get into that later!  Any of the Donkey or Donkey2 canopies will work, but I prefer the breezy canopies for their extended coverage and windows.

Once you receive your canopy wires, clamps, and canopy, you assemble everything together by inserting the wires into the canopy and clamps onto the ends of the wires.  You can view the instructions or watch Bugaboo's breezy tutorial video if you're having problems figuring out where to place the wires and clamps.  Then, you simply remove your original canopy and snap on the new one in place!


Custom dying

If you want to take your customization a step further, you can even dye one of them to any color you'd like!  The key is you MUST use a solid breezy canopy.  None of the other type of Donkey or Donkey2 canopies will work as the fabric will not take the dye.  The arctic grey breezy is what most people use to custom dye their canopy as it is a light, neutral starting point.  I have included some helpful instructions and tips that the OG canopy dyer created (thanks for letting me share, Ashley!).  Basically, you are following the directions on the dye bottle.  Honestly, the hardest part is deciding which color to choose!  Here are just some examples of custom dyed breezy canopies: